Specialist Tuition Workshops
Our Philosophy
"We believe that if a child can not learn in the way that we teach,
we must teach in a way that a child can learn"​
Fully qualified, inspirational TEACHERS offering outstanding, bespoke learning opportunities to enhance and improve children's education. 

  • SATs Style Coaching
  • 11+/Entrance Exam Preparation
  • Grammar & Spelling
  • Maths - Problem Solving & Reasoning
  • Maths - Arithmetic
  • Homework Support Sessions
  • Multi-sensory Spelling Techniques
  • Reciprocal Reading Skills & Strategies

We Pride Ourselves On ...

We Offer ...

  1. 1
    Understanding Children's Needs
    Completing a professional assessment of each child's needs in maths & English.
  2. 2
    Building Confidence
    Ensuring every child is doing the appropriate level of differentiated work. Positive praise - celebrating the uniqueness of each child.
  3. 3
    Expanding Skill Sets
    Equipping children with the skills necessary to achieve their full potential in KS1, KS2 and KS3 maths & English.
  1. Specialist Tuition Workshops In ....
    English: Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary, Spellings, Multi-sensory Spelling Techniques and Reciprocal Reading Skills & Strategies. Maths: Problem Solving, Reasoning & Arithmetic. We focus on KS1, KS2 and KS3
  2. Expert Tuition ....
    We are a team of two fully qualified teachers with experience spanning a period of over 20 years. Between us, we have proven leadership and management skills, having served on senior leadership teams in primary schools, including the role of deputy headship. We have outstanding grades for teaching & learning from certified OFSTED inspectors and a nomination for "Teacher of the Year" at the annual Educate Awards.